Contact Our Staff

Our Staff:


Principal:             41955          Mrs. D. Fletcher
Vice-Principal:  41958          Mrs. T. Rodaro

Office Staff:

Ms. Traci A.
Ms. Cindy
Mrs. Leslie
Mrs. Stephanie

Attendance Counsellor:

Mrs. Suzanne

First Nations/Metis/Inuit Support Staff:

Ms. Ruth
Mrs. Nancy
Mrs. Sylvia

Teaching Staff:

Mr. M. Adamson

Mrs. S. Ashwood

Mr. T. Baker

Mr. P. Balabuck

Mr. T. Beausoleil

Ms. L. Beckley

Mr. S. Blake

Mr. D. Bopp

Mrs. C. Buchanan

Mrs. W. Bumstead

Mr. C. Burns

Ms. J. Calder

Mr. S. Campbell

Miss. A. Carr

Mrs. J. Carter

Mrs. R. Clark

Ms. K. Collins

Mr. S. Corscadden

Mrs. Coughlin Lancione

Mr. A. Coutts

Mr. J. Dominic

Mrs. S. Dunn

Mr. J. Faragher

Mr. G. Haughton

Mr. K. Hutton

Mrs. S. Hutton

Mr. T. Jenkinson

Mrs. J. Lachapelle

Mr. W. Long

Ms. A. Marion

Mr. R. Maurice

Mr. R. Miron

Ms. S. Morgan

Mr. K. Morphet

Mr. J. Muldoon

Ms. S. Penfold

Ms. R. Revington

Mr. B. Roy

Mr. P. Scott

Mr. D. Seca

Ms. C. Silveira

Mr. T. Smith

Mr. A. St. Amant

Mr. S. Thomson

Mr. M. Thurley

Mr. R. Walden

Mr. R. Wickett


6 Responses to Contact Our Staff

  1. Were is Ms. Morgans Email like i dont know if im blind but i cant see it

  2. Dave says:

    How do I go about enrolling a student from Nova Scotia for fall classes ? What are the required transcripts,medical forms & school supplies needed. thank you

  3. rachelle thomas says:

    can somebody fax my transcripts to georgian in barrie PLEASE!

    • admin says:

      The school is closed. Call the board office at 705-728-7570. They May be able to help you.
      If you contact Georgian and explain the situation?
      Web admin

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