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Fund Raising

The Wye Marsh will be running their annual gift wrapping fundraiser and they are looking for volunteers to share their gift wrapping skills.  Please contact Andreia at 705-526-7809 for more information.

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In the past week, the library has received 3 boxes of books from  That in itself isn’t strange – we order books from there all the time.  What is unique is that these books weren’t bought by anyone at this school.  You may or may not know that the MSS Library has a Wish List on  We use this to keep track of books we want to buy, list the books that students and staff suggest that we buy, and, on an off chance, allow others to purchase books for the library as a gift.  It doesn’t happen often, but last year, we received a few books from two random people in the Ottawa area.  We tried to figure out the connection to MSS, but failed.


Again this year, books have arrived, but this time with a note from one donor that said, “Via​”. Once we tracked down the posting, we found out that Shane Parrish, one of our gift givers last year, writes the blog.  He has posted on his blog a number of schools that people have suggested that could use gifts of books.  And MSS is on his list! The boxes that have arrived in the last week are from Ottawa and Toronto.  From people that saw Shane’s post and acted kindly and bought us, no, …  YOU, books.

Keep this in mind during this season of giving.  Remember that people are giving to you in many ways, and try to give to others in that same spirit. It doesn’t mean you have to spend money, just make someone else’s life a little better with an act of kindness.

And, watch for the new books on the library shelves soon!

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First match done!

Played Walkerton, ranked 4 out of 16. Lost 17 and 19. They are very big and easily the best team we’ve played all year. The boys were a bit nervous in the first set.

Great push from the lads in the second set.

Great serving overall. Jake lit it up on serve and Mitch had a huge block. Great passing by Noah and the whole team loosened up.

Gonna go watch Walkerton play Milton (10 out of 16). We play them tomorrow and want to beat them pretty bad. We play like we did in the second set against Walkerton and we should be good.

Thanks to those who are watching us on the webcams. We feel the fan support. Remember we’re 1hr behind you people. If game time says 12:00, it’s 1:00pm Midland time.


Coach Mo’

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OFSAA Live coverage

Your GBSSA Champs

Check HERE for live coverage and up to date scores.

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The Lads Made It

Happy, Happy, Happy!

Thanks to generous support, tireless work on behalf of the the office staff your Senior Boys Volleyball team is in Dryden to compete in the Ontario High School Championships. AKA: OFSAA. It the highest level of organized high school competition in Ontario.

Thanks to everyone. Dryden is a typical small, remote northern town. Read that as you wish. The lads are excited to be here. Long day of travelling, registration and a short scrimmage to loosen up.

Off to the Banquet now.

Cheers MSS!

Coach Mo’


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North Zone, West Zone, and Central Zone – Buses Cancelled – Wed., Nov. 19

All transportation in the SCDSB North, West, and Central Zones have been cancelled for today.  Schools remain open for learning.

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